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Full game on Game Pass?

  • xNeo21xxNeo21x522,617
    Posted on 09 March 19 at 04:12Permalink
    I’ve been searching all over and can’t seem to find a straight answer. I enjoy story based games like the Telltale games so I’m interested in playing this since I have Game Pass. But before I do I want to know for sure, when playing this via Game Pass, do you have access to the whole game? Or only the first episode and then have to pay for episodes 2 and on? Same question goes for Before the Storm.
  • RadiantViperRadiantViper737,388
    Posted on 09 March 19 at 04:28Permalink
    I'm sure it's the full season because you can get episode 1 for free even without Game Pass.
  • KodingKoding883,908
    Posted on 09 March 19 at 06:49Permalink
    Looking at them on the Game Pass tab of my Xbox.

    LiS is called 'Life is Strange Complete Season (Episodes 1-5).
    BtS is called 'Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season'

    So, in answer to your question, yes. Both of them are the full seasons.
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  • MVPVincentMVPVincent866,427
    Posted on 10 March 19 at 06:21Permalink
    Can further this statement. Yes, it's the full season. It's also the same with Before the Storm and the sequel (once all episodes are released).
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  • xNeo21xxNeo21x522,617
    Posted on 12 March 19 at 23:32Permalink
    Awesome! Appreciate the good news.
  • planchetflawplanchetflaw210,316
    Posted on 20 May 19 at 02:22Permalink
    Anyone else finding they have to re-install the episodes as you get to them despite already being installed according to the manage game and add ons page?
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