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Apex Legends Death Box Glitch / Bug Issues

Posted on 09 March 19 at 21:12
So my squad was doing pretty well in a game last night and then we got into a fight in the bunker. We wiped the enemy squad, but myself and a teammate were trapped in a bunker room by the enemy death boxes. This was the first time anything like this happened to me and my squad didn't really know what to do so we ended up dying. There's also another death box bug where players get trapped underneath a death box if they're too close to an enemy when they finish them.

Currently the only fix is to empty your ENTIRE inventory (weapons, ammo, body shield, helmet, everything) and pick up everything out of the death box trapping you. Not sure if this would work if the death box belongs to someone with a teammate still alive as the box usually stays, even when empty, so they can recover the banner. This feels like a game breaking (or at least game ruining) issue. Some have suggested the developers allow players to move through death boxes. I think keeping them solid is fine, just let players move them by punching or with grenades. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Video of what happened to my squad:
Posted on 18 March 19 at 17:49
That's weird. I never had problems shock
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