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The Journey Down: Chapter Three Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 13 March 19 at 16:40
Please use this thread to discuss the The Journey Down: Chapter Three walkthrough
Information Posted on 06 October 19 at 17:15
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: The Journey Down: Chapter Three Walkthrough
Posted on 07 October 19 at 19:38
As discussed and requested

When dropping the root from the top it's easier to use the root on the bucket chain than look for the right rock at the bottom

When in the hideout, the exit to the sewer for the jackhammer is in the centre of the screen

There's a typo in the gunfight section at the end. You have noted to use the gan can with the door. This should read gas can

Other than that a perfect guide

Posted on 14 October 19 at 14:37
Thanks Paul, as discussed offline, edits have been made and I gave you credit for that awesome tip on the root!
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