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Plea to all the finished players

Temple Jones
Temple Jones
Posted on 15 March 19 at 07:18
Please help us remaining player out, remove your towers/emplacements so we can get some easy crowns if we find you. i for example am a shit player i hav eonly 703/2000 crowns and just over a month left till sever closure. Ill never get this without a miracle. im sure im not the only one.
Edward Temple Jones
Posted on 15 March 19 at 07:25
just build battering rams and teutonic knights and go straight for the keep with the rams, don't group them all together though in case of catapults etc. use conrad and Charles for your heros as well.
Posted on 15 March 19 at 23:18, Edited on 16 March 19 at 00:21 by BetaSigX20
I thought getting crowns actually got a little easier later on, when you start seeing players with 40-50 crowns to steal. Even just getting 50% destruction (or 25% with the keep) will get you a ton more crowns than completely destroying players with only one or two crowns to steal.

Choose your targets wisely, skip anybody with only a few crowns, and look for players with one wall surrounding lots of buildings, rather than lots of sections. Take a few stacks with more troops, rather than taking only a few of lots of different troops. I went from ~1200 to 2000 in just a couple weeks, and from ~1800 to 2000 in less than two days, so there's still time.

I'm more concerned about the achievement for defending your castle 10 times... I rarely get attacked, and when I do, it's because someone has an overwhelming force. I'm building up my defenses to hopefully repel stronger attackers, but I feel like that only makes it less likely I'll be attacked in the first place. Not much else can do other than wait and hope.

Once I have that achievement, I'll be happy to take down all my defenses and let everyone else ransack me at will! laugh
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