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How on earth do you buy the annual pass?

Posted on 15 March 19 at 15:32
The annual pass alone in the store says "not sold separately". Clicking "buy annual pass" in game just throws up an error message about being unable to connect to the store. I already have forsaken, no way in hell am I paying £60 to get the annual pass bundled with content I already own. Why can't I buy it separately?
Posted on 15 March 19 at 16:55
I don't think it's available without bundling it with Forsaken. Horrible marketing strategy.
Posted on 15 March 19 at 17:19
So they sell Forsaken without the annual pass but won't do it the other way around? Meaning I have to rebuy the same shit over and over just to get the one thing I want? That's absolutely disgusting. Why allow people to buy Forsaken individually if that's the case?

Is there any way to directly contact bungie about this? From what I've seen they're crap at replying on their support forums.
Posted on 16 March 19 at 03:49, Edited on 16 March 19 at 03:49 by TheMaize
The business strategy for their games are horrible.

The first game only goes on sale with all content as well.
Would have bought the final DLC if it had ever gone on sale alone. But don't want to rebuy a lot of content I already feel I overpaid for.

Even though they ended their contract with Activision, I believe Activision still have distributionrights for Destiny 1 and 2. So I doubt anything will change until they release future games
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