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„Speed Zone Hero“ won‘t go away

el p1nko
el p1nko
Posted on 15 March 19 at 20:13
Anyone else have this that whenever you do a seasonal PR stunt with speed trap or speed zone when you level up (pretty much every time you complete the objective) the „Speed Zone Hero“ (or Trap) just will not go away from the screen?
This has been happening to me since the two updates within the last week.
The only way to make it go away that I have found out so far (other than killing the game) is travelling to Fortune Island and back.
Anyone have a better workaround?
Or am I the only one with the issue?
It is pretty annoying because when it happens you won‘t see group progress anymore in Forzathon Live and also you won‘t see anything else anymore that is normally seen in that area. I am not even sure if you can even score points or trigger Speed Zones and Traps anymore if that happens.
Cherry Sparkles
Posted on 15 March 19 at 21:28
When something gets stuck on the screen I just do a little skill chain and it disappears.
Blissed Away
Blissed Away
Posted on 18 March 19 at 06:28
This has been happening longer than the past few updates for me. It's on the known issues support page. Entering a race sometimes clears it. Progress for speed traps, drift zones etc does still get recorded.
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