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The Best Xbox One Simulation Games Available in 2019

  • Posted on 19 March 19 at 13:53Permalink
    Missing both the tropico series and stellaris
  • Posted on 19 March 19 at 23:56, Edited on 19 March 19 at 23:58 by Baron Von DiegoPermalink
    I own everything on this list except Farm Together and Farm Sim 19. And I think I'll pick Farm Together at some point.

    But the game I would love to dive into is Elite but maybe I just suck at it (I'm sure that's it) but I cannot figure out even the basics in that game despite a couple of attempts and watching various tutorials... Something is just not clicking and I really wish it would...

    EDIT: yeah Graveyard Keeper belongs on this list. Im currently playing that.
    videogames... amrite?
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