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Halo: Reach DLC achievements

  • A Dank SlothA Dank Sloth140,358
    Posted on 18 March 19 at 23:25Permalink
    I'm looking for enough people to help me boost the remaining dlc achievements I have left for this game. I have 2 remotes and am willing to occupy a couple of lobby spaces.
  • MonhaundaiMonhaundai61,725
    Posted on 20 March 19 at 21:00Permalink
    I would definitely be able to. I need one achievement
  • Posted on 21 March 19 at 21:18Permalink
    I'd be down for this as well, can have two controllers total.
    Here are the ones I need:
    - You Ate All the Chips
    - Don't touch That!
    - Paper Beats Rock
    - All Alone
    - Emergency Room
    - Dive Bomber
    - License to Kill
    - Bounty Hunter
    - From Hell's Heart
  • Posted on 23 March 19 at 01:38Permalink
    I’m down. Add me. GT: Indominus Dave
  • khagdakhagda103,278
    Posted on 27 March 19 at 22:04Permalink
    I'm looking to build a group to get Halo-reach cheevos, I have 2 controllers and all DLC, message me to get something together. We are planning on doing a boosting session in the evening on April 7th, 2019.

    Gamertag: Khagda
  • koolaidmattkoolaidmatt240,153
    Posted on 28 March 19 at 14:01Permalink
    Let’s do it
  • Manik01Manik01201,488
    Posted on 25 June 19 at 18:13Permalink
    Anyone still needing help? I need some achievements and I have 4 controllers.
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