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Konami Anniversary Collection Announced

x Mataeus x
x Mataeus x
Posted on 21 March 19 at 11:23
I was hoping for some Silent Hill 1-4 action here.
Posted on 21 March 19 at 13:16, Edited on 21 March 19 at 13:19 by Donietsche
x Mataeus x said:
I was hoping for some Silent Hill 1-4 action here.
I doubt that we'll ever see a re-release of the original silent hill.

They had issues with SH2 (they had lost the source code, and ended up using an unfinished build for the collection), I can only assume that SH1 would be even more problematic.

And on the basis of the poor quality of SH2 showcased in the collection (see above), I dare to say that a sh1 re-release would be at risk of being disappointing anyway.

For "The Room" we can still hope, after all it was an original xbox game (and as such runs on the x360 already), so who knows... maybe one day we'll get it as a GWG title.
Posted on 22 March 19 at 13:20
Looking at the other Contra games released minus phone games. This is what I think they will include as the other 4.
Operation C - similar to Super C, I think they leave it out since that one is in.
Contra Force - originally not a Contra game. Plays different than first 2 NES games. I think they leave this out.
Contra: Hard Corps - The best Contra game to date. This collection would not be complete without this masterpiece.
Contra Legacy of War - Complete embarrassment of the Contra name. Konami wants to forget this one.
C the Contra Adventure - Another weak Contra game.
Contra Shattered Soldier - Contra return to form. Excellent game with punishing difficulty. This should be in the collection.
Neo Contra - good game, but not the 2D Classic Contra. This will not make the cut.
Contra 4 - Way forward and Contra was perfect mix. IMO the second best Contra game. This steller game should be included.
Contra Rebirth - Wii digital exclusive. Excellent game many missed. I think this will be included so it can live on.
Hard Corps Uprising - excellent game and if there were 9 games in the collection I think this would be in. But at 8 games I think this will just miss the collection.

My prediction then:

5.Contra Hard Corps
6.Contra Shattered Soldier
7.Contra 4
8.Contra Rebirth
Posted on 22 March 19 at 19:35, Edited on 22 March 19 at 19:39 by OldSchoolBlood
Looking at the Konami site it says the FIRST Castlevania collection. This makes me think the first collection will focus on standard linear Castlevania games. And a second collection would be announcted later that would focus on the awesome Metroidvania games. If this does come true, after reviewing all the games produced I think the collection breakdown would be something like this:

Collection 1

6.Castlevania:Rondo of Blood
8.Castlevania:Adventure Rebirth

Collection 2

1.Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest
2.Castlevania:Symphony of the Night
3.Castlevania:Circle of the Moon
4.Castlevania:Harmony of Dissonance
5.Castlevania:Aria of Sorrow
6.Castlevania:Dawn of Sorrow
7.Castlevania:Portrait of Ruin
8.Castlevania:Order of Ecclesia
Unleashed Spawn
Posted on 29 March 19 at 22:40
My hope for a suikoden collection has arisen, would be amazing to get 1&2 with achievements
Posted on 18 April 19 at 09:34
What no Jackyl?
A very basic collection that has very little in the way of the great games from the early period. Considering they released quite a lot of them in the games arcade on the 360 so the run on xbox I am surprised they are not in this collection.
What no Amidar? What No Time Pilot? What no Track and field/combat school? Admittedly the last two would have control problems these days,
Posted on 20 April 19 at 04:35
Do you think after this collection they would do the same to other collections?
Posted on 20 May 19 at 19:44
When are we gonna get a release date on this glorious collection?
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