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Critically Acclaimed Xbox One Sale Roundup

Posted on 22 March 19 at 11:00
TheGreatKoala said:
This is a privately owned website. A privately owned website whose rules you agreed to when you signed up. A privately owned website whose rules haven't actually changed, so they are still the rules(of a privately owned website) that you agreed to.

The right to free speech means the government cannot persecute you for speaking out against it, it has nothing to do with you being able to say whatever you want on a privately owned website.

In short - stop whining about censorship, they can do what they want and you agreed to it when you signed up
All facts I'm aware of. Censorship was a direct quote from one of the parties, not me. Although I do agree with his statement in regards that it will likely, even after being continually pointed out as the rules, now to the point of making a post about them and singling them out, only apply to most the users while others get a pass. I also don't care cause I don't use the forums much at all, let alone to trash others nor would I get offended if they trashed me.

In short - I'll continue to pay, to use the site for what I signed up for, the tracking, solutions, guides and walkthroughs
Posted on 22 March 19 at 17:30
Finally decided to pull the trigger on RDR 2. 33% off is good enough for me on a digital version.
xZx Moose 74
xZx Moose 74
Posted on 22 March 19 at 20:38
Moldy Tacos5000 said:
Just want to say Battle Chasers: Nightwar is a hidden gem. If you like RPGs or even if you don't and you're curious, highly recommend.
I'm glad I listened to you, granted I took a quick peek at the walkthrough first, but I have enjoyed the few hours I've put into it. Great call, M.T.5000
Quantium G
Quantium G
Posted on 23 March 19 at 13:02
British Legends said:
Picking up the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Season Pass might be a good idea, considering the base game will be added to the game pass shortly.
It's awesome! I got it a few months ago, and just finished a couple weeks ago. Already started on my second playthrough.
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