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The absolute guide to both batches of glitched achievements

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    Posted on 21 March 19 at 14:49, Edited on 21 March 19 at 14:51 by Anima PuraPermalink
    I'm making this post to concentrate the instructions on how to unlock the two sets of glitched achievements in this game in one place, since some people keep asking about one of the sets in the comments of solutions for achievements of the other set. All that info is spread around, so I thought it would be a good idea to sum it all up after the method worked for me.

    The first set contains several achievements in the Cold Darkness and Endurance DLC's. Achievements like "Legendary Gunsmith" and "Perfectionist" (Cold Darkness) and "One way to do it" and "Who needs a map?" (Endurance) got glitched sometime after release if you had started the game at some time between release and that point in time. The game would reward you for completing the associated challenge, but the respective achievement wouldn't pop. The solution is to delete both your local and cloud save file for the game and then complete the challenges again, they then pop without an issue. You can find the official blog post from Xbox on how you can do that here (click "How do I delete saves I don’t want?"):

    The other set is "Golden Child" and "Way to Go" in the vanilla game. These two would get glitched if you switched to an Xbox One X, where the 4K/60fps patch would somehow glitch them and leave you at 93% for both of them, even if you had completed all 32 levels with a gold medal already. Sadly, the solution requires you to still have an OG, "phat" Xbox One or an Xbox One S. If you complete all levels with a gold medal on an X, playing any level on Score Attack again on an OG or S console will unlock both achievements.

    If both sets are glitched, get gold on all Score Attack levels on your X, it will be easier/more comfortable with that 60fps frame rate. Afterwards, play one of the challenge/optional tomb levels on an OG or S Xbox One, again on Score Attack and just complete it. Golden Child and Way to Go will pop right after. Then, delete the aforementioned save files and go for the DLC achievements on whichever console you desire, this time they will unlock right as the respective "challenge completed" in-game message fades out.

    I hope I helped!
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