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Outward Achievement List Revealed

Posted on 22 March 19 at 00:26
44 achievements for 1,000 Gamerscore

Please click here to read the story: Outward Achievement List Revealed
Posted on 22 March 19 at 00:49
Sir Saiyd
Sir Saiyd
Posted on 22 March 19 at 00:57
Posted on 22 March 19 at 01:09
Doesn't look too difficult, though I'm not a fan of "collect these recipes" achievements.
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Posted on 22 March 19 at 01:38
I'm definitely checking this out when it releases.
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The Wet Chef
The Wet Chef
Posted on 22 March 19 at 05:04
NicoleRenee00 said:
Doesn't look too difficult, though I'm not a fan of "collect these recipes" achievements.
They'll Tell Stories About This (Finish a quest line without ever being defeated.)
Might be more of a pain! I dont know tho, havent played the game yet wink

Fresh Off the Boat (Start a new character.) 1G
Master of Aurai (Finish all 3 quest lines.) 99G
Wow TA users is gonna have a field day lol
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Posted on 22 March 19 at 08:16
I'm pretty much sold on this game based on a response (given by Nine Dots CEO) to a question I recently read on GamingBolt (

Split screen co-op is something that we see less and less of in games these days, so people are quite excited about its inclusion in Outward, especially given its nature as an exploration heavy open world RPG. What was the thought behind the decision to include such a feature in the game?

I have such fond memories of player games in splitscreen with friends or with my brother, and I thoroughly enjoy playing games with my wife as well. That’s how she discovered that she loved shooters, because we went through Gears of War and Army of Two together. I spent so much time playing Skyrim and Oblivion and I simply wished that was an experience I could share with her sometimes, and I knew I wasn’t the only one who wanted a game like that.

Truth be told, the inclusion of split screen in Outward was an extremely difficult challenge, both from a design and technical perspective. We had to make heavy sacrifices to make it work. Making it happen in our game made us understand why it was so rare nowadays, but that’s exactly why we should be doing it. Games need to offer something unique to distinguish themselves from the rest on the market.
For the first paragraph especially. Growing up with my bother on the Genesis/PS1, friends on the N64/GC and now Xbox with my wife. We played GoW remastered together and I also spent enough time on single player RPGs for that paragraph to resonate all too clearly with me. My wife loves RPG games, but doesn't like to play them solo and hates competitive gaming.
The Divinity : Original Sin series has been the one series that really brought us together as gamers. Hopefully Outward will be a good contender. I appreciate the sentiment of the latter paragraph as well, the fact that they put in extra work for people like us, who are much smaller portion of gamers this generation.
Streets Ahead
Posted on 23 March 19 at 08:58
The only thing i'm not diggin is the lack of a compass telling you where you are on the map.
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