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Achievements in this game are annoying.

Posted on 26 March 19 at 23:36
Not only are most of them 18 points, but this game is literally "get a few achievements, reload checkpoint/act, get opposite achievements." Anyone else find that annoying?
Posted on 28 March 19 at 09:10
well the acts take like 5 minutes to finish, so no not really annoying.

The achievement values are more annoying but considering how easy the achievements are it shouldn't be any problem to get 1000G once the last episode is out.
Dang3R Gaming
Dang3R Gaming
Posted on 01 April 19 at 21:12
They're not really that annoying. Episode 2 can be done in one clean sweep, 1 was I guess a little annoying because you had to reload it a few times. 3 I haven't started yet because I want to do that and 4 in one go, but I would guess it's closer to 2 than 1 with reloads? Either way, I don't find it that bad because both episodes took maybe 90 minutes a piece.

If it was 3 hours to complete an episode say, then yeah I'd say that's pretty bad.
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