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Homecoming in Eternal Card Game achievements found

  • vSullyvSully944,233
    Posted on 29 March 19 at 00:11
    Great, this costs $10 or 25k gold. As a ftp player, it'll take me weeks to save 25k gold so I can access the content needed for these achievements.

  • CalrethiCalrethi85,956
    Posted on 29 March 19 at 08:09
    You can get 25k in a week of playing easily.
    You get a campaign every 6 months, so if you want to stay ftp, remember to keep some gold saved :)
  • vSullyvSully944,233
    Posted on 29 March 19 at 12:10, Edited on 29 March 19 at 12:15 by vSully
    Can’t save gold as all I have left otherwise are two draft achievements. As it is I’m only playing to grind to 5k gold to do my next draft.

    I don’t mind new achievements in this game but it’s really going to suck if moving forward they are behind a 25K gold paywall each time. The original achievements and the defiance update didn’t require that investment.

    I’m sure I could grind a couple thousand out every day if I wanted to spend hours brainlessly playing ranked, which is a shit fiesta of the same over powered cards. I really don’t like it at all. I have an r/g aggro deck that I used to get to master for the achievements but the format isn’t fun or engaging enough for me to want to play it at all, let alone to grind so much gold. I’ll probably just end up playing a few matches a day for daily quests and get to 25k eventually.
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