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man without equal achievement

Posted on 30 March 19 at 23:57
does anyone know if for this achievement you need to kill all bosses with one save profile like if i have to kill a final boss in one play through and then another in NG+ or if you can start a new game and get a different ending boss that way.
Posted on 31 March 19 at 05:42
You must use the same save file, savescumming different endings for different bosses and reloading doesn't count, so you technically need to do atleast NG+ for all the different bosses (1 tied to one ending, 2 tied to another)
Posted on 31 March 19 at 05:55
Yeah you need 2 playthroughs total. Your first then NG+. You can use the one save trick for all 3 of the good ending variants. Then speedrun NG+ for the Shura ending to kill the last boss you have remaining.
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Posted on 26 July 19 at 16:19
I killed all the bosses inclouding the shura ending one boss isshin ashina but no achievements for me im afraid the demon of hatred must be killed properly right with excution not the cheese way to make it unlock
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