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Easiest Xbox Achievement Lists from March 2019

  • NxtDoc1851NxtDoc1851512,154
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 01:53
    SeeD Red said:
    FreedomIPhantom said:
    Blood Waves is absolutely awful. I would avoid it if any of you were thinking of getting it. I regret downloading and playing it. Still have yet to build up the guts to complete it after a few BS, glitched deaths.
    Worst game I have played in a while.
    Yeah, it's a glitchy mess
    So, Xbox is going full 3rd party Publisher now? Where does that leave us Hardcore Xbox console fans?
  • FISKFISK1,396,369
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 11:08
    Missing out on the 15min completion METAGAL, my thumb hurt after trying to get used to the awkward jumping in it
  • SashamorningSashamorning2,319,306
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 11:15
    The 150 GS train sequence in OMJ isn't exactly easy. I'm still stuck.
    derektwopointoh said:
    Awesome Pea is far from easy and Where the Bees Make Honey is absolute garbage.
    This. I raged at Awesome Pea. WTBMH is very easy, though.
    Reborn Insanity said:
    Surprised METAGAL didn't make the list.
    Also this. This was shortest, by far.
    Brevity is the soul of wit. ~W.S. / I guess I'm not witty. ~Sasha
  • buttmudBrooksbuttmudBrooks1,299,083
    Posted on 03 April 19 at 15:25, Edited on 03 April 19 at 17:19 by buttmudBrooks
    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz said:
    Reborn Insanity said:
    Surprised METAGAL didn't make the list.
    Yea, not sure how that one flew under their radar lol
    It flew under two radars. Both of the shortest and easiest lists failed to mention it and IT SHOULD BE MENTIONED as it is by far the best one to buy since it's the cheapest ($4 on sale) after the free One Leaves.
    All these other games are stupidly expensive for what they are.
    I have a guy on my friends list who plays all of these. Seriously how do you value money so little that you'd spend 14 bucks (times 5 or 6 a month) on such short, shoddy gaming experiences?!

    Fooga said:
    FreedomIPhantom said:
    branstoneboy said:
    Gutted that One Leaves isn't in my region.
    You should be thankful. I have completed it. It wants access to your information, friends, and more. And it's a buggy, stuttering mess. It is brutal to endure for 2 hours
    It was so terrible I wanted to take up smoking just to spite it.
    [Laughs in lung cancer]

    Felt the same way. What sadist thought it would be neat to force achievement hunters to play through this trash 20 times?
    Always number 2.
  • Christophe42Christophe42477,999
    Posted on 08 April 19 at 17:30
    I smoked a Cohiba while playing One Leaves.

    If they really wanted to show the horrors of smoking, they should have made a game where you tried to make love to a non-smoking significant other after smoking a pack of cigarettes. Now, that premise has a lot more potential for viciousness than anything One Leaves had to offer.
  • Posted on 10 April 19 at 03:50
    Thanks to all the Metagal mentions. I actually had it under the related games list but somehow overlooked it when organizing the article. It's in there now. smile
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