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Where the Bees Make Honey Walkthrough Discussion

Information Posted on 03 April 19 at 16:51
Please use this thread to discuss the Where the Bees Make Honey walkthrough
Information Posted on 16 April 19 at 21:49
The walkthrough has now been published.

You can find it here: Where the Bees Make Honey Walkthrough
Posted on 17 April 19 at 08:03
Just a quick note, you can cut down how long the RC car section is. If go along the first section like normal, when you turn back on yourself and have a large jump over a big drop, simply fail to jump the gap and fall down the drop instead. Follow the path and then take a left turn at the junction to reach the area with the honeycombs.
I did this by accident in my first playthrough, and then on purpose in my second, cuts a fair amount of time off the run.
Posted on 14 May 19 at 07:46
I follow one gamer suggestion, after you choose "No" at the last scene, after achievement pop-up, simply quit the game, delete "local" save, then reload the game and wait for cloud sync, you will start exactly the phone pickup and choose "Yes" this time. Save from playing again!!
You'll never play alone.
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