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HELP: The game just keep closing

Pare ESP
Pare ESP
Posted on 04 April 19 at 08:34, Edited on 16 April 19 at 10:02 by Pare ESP
EDIT: After the last update where the game has been remaned to Forza Street, I still have the same problem. After sometime in the first loading screen the game crashes...It seems that I will never be able to play it agan...Thanks MS for the horrible work done here

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the Miami Street. I usually play it in different computers, so when changing from one to another the game save is downloaded from the cloud.

Just in the last update of the game, I just uninstalled and reinstalled it. It worked fine for one of the computers, but when I did the same in another one, the game just keep crashing in the firsts screens when loading.

I tried to unistall and reinstall again, but no way. It still keeps crashing. But, the problem was bigger when I came back to my original computer (that one that worked fine), and after syncronysing with the cloud. it also crashes!!!. I think that this is maybe due to the game save could be corrupted.

I just wish to try to delete the save and start a fresh one, but I do not find it. It should be in the following path:

Windows (C:) > Users > (your username) > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft.331194F9F13CC_8wekyb3d8bbwe > LocalState

But I am unable to find it

Please, anyone could help me?

Thanks in advance
Posted on 19 April 19 at 11:17
This is now happening to me.. I played it once after the update and it worked. Today it just crashes over and over.... top quality MS.
Posted yesterday at 14:17, Edited yesterday at 14:47 by vXTotalChaosXv
I hadn't played this game until after it was renamed and it had been working fine aside from a crash here and there, I believe three crashes in seven days. Now this morning I try to open it and it won't go past the title screen. facepalm

EDIT: I tried reinstalling the game and if anything it crashes faster than it did before. Will try a c PC restart after work and report back.
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