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Super Monkey Ball (WP7) Latest to Receive Patch

  • xPut Name HerexxPut Name Herex1,160,508
    Posted on 26 September 11 at 19:33
    montrossity said:
    alklein92201 said:
    Cringer85 said:
    Other WP7 games that received fixes not so long time ago: Rise of Glory, Minesweeper, Tentacles.

    I see good times ahead for the phone!
    Minesweeper didn't receive any fixes, it just got a patch that made it easier (which was dumb in my opinion, it's way too easy now). Hell, if anything it made the "Find a 6" achievement even harder, because it's so easy that 6's are less common now. Luckily I got 50/50 before the patch.

    Seems to me like MS is trying to get all the devs to fix their WP7 achievements, or maybe it's just other devs saw the first fix and are following suit. Hopefully it's the first, because that would probably lead to MS requiring developers to patch 360 and PC achievements too!
    Most developers actually put out patches, but Microsoft is either very, very slow in accepting them, or they never do accept the patch to update the game. I would say it is Microsoft's fault 99% of the time, not the developers.
    Well sometimes Microsoft refuses to let the patch out because it would actually make things worse. Look at the first day patch for Dead Island for example. Only released on PS3 and PC since MS refused to release it. Turns out that patch causes game save issues for many persons on the PS3 and PC systems. So it's not always Microsoft's fault when it gets held up. Heck, I'm willing to bet most of these gaming companies barely put any thought into how they patch on the WP platform.
    I miss the good old days of WW2 Call of Duty
  • LeiChatLeiChat572,592
    Posted on 27 September 11 at 01:29
    fro thebighit said:
    still waiting for I Dig It. I'd love to be able to play the game I payed for, never mind the broken achievements.
  • Posted on 27 September 11 at 17:53
    Nice to see more WP7 games get patched
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