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Moneybags Achievement

  • Posted on 04 April 19 at 15:49Permalink
    Hello All!

    I'm just curious after seeing a comment in the current Solutions section about 10,000 Caps.
    I currently have the achievement and 10,000 Caps on my character, I just need someone who doesn't have the achievement to try something.

    Essentially what it is I sell you a bottle of Putified Water or something for 0 and you sell it back to me for 10,000.
    The Caps swap from person to person and that eliminates the need for harsh collecting.

    Let us know if you're interested! toast
  • Posted on 06 April 19 at 16:58Permalink
    I'd give that a try - for science, of course. Feel free to add me on XBL.
  • Static DewStatic Dew242,203
    Posted on 07 April 19 at 05:47Permalink
    Same here 🧐
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 11:43Permalink
    Brilliant, I'll add you both in a moment!
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 14:52Permalink
    That was my comment πŸ˜ƒ Can you confirm it worked?
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 15:53Permalink
    Completely loved the idea of it and thought it was just ingenious after reading the Solution!
    Still haven't tried it yet unfortunately, I've added the guys above. Will be online in around 5 hours so hopefully get to rest it tonight and we'll find out!
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 16:11Permalink
    Feel free to add me as well as I am still needing the achievement. Thanks πŸ˜ƒ
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 16:13Permalink
    Awesome! We'll do it tonight then ☺️
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 22:01Permalink
    Static Dew and I tried this tonight.
    Trading Caps on inventory doesn't work ):

    We tried several times:
    10k for 1 item
    5k for 1 item
    Closing the game down with over 10k on the character and restarting the game.
    Buying ammo at its value (trading about 30,000 ammo in different types in the end)

    It seems Bethesada have got some limit to the worth during trades and it's progression towards the achievement -sigh- Back to the drawing board it is
  • Posted on 08 April 19 at 23:24Permalink
  • Posted on 10 April 19 at 16:25, Edited on 10 April 19 at 16:29 by A Big RadroachPermalink
    Will clean out the previous comment of attempts and update with the latest one

    Built upon monkeybiscitz orgininal comment on ThisGameIsSucky's Solution.
    Methods tested so far, with many thanks to Static Dew and Mercer66227 for helping me test these ones:

    - 1 item for 10k
    - 2 items at 5k
    - Closing the game down with over 10k within the inventory and hard resetting.
    - 25 trades at 300 Caps
    - 40 trades at 250 Caps
    - 40 trades at 250 Caps whilst out of team

    Only ideas I have left right now untested:

    - Player 1 with 10k Caps has to buy items from Player 2. Than opposed to the method so far of Player 1 dropping items for Player 2 to pick up and sell back to Player 1

    - Buying items for 100 Caps a time and backing out of trade after each purchase. But that is a extremely long process.

    - 40 trades at 250 Caps whilst out of team and not on friends list on Xbox/Fallout. Since Fallout will link you to your friends in the Players tab from the Menu.
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