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Bohemia Interactive Explains Why Vigor Will Be Delayed

  • punkyliarpunkyliar199,861
  • Posted on 04 April 19 at 20:58, Edited on 04 April 19 at 21:00 by FightingMegaFooPermalink
    Why wouldn't there be any achievements? Aren't they a certainty in full release games?
  • wolfsburgrazwolfsburgraz523,374
    Posted on 04 April 19 at 21:06, Edited on 04 April 19 at 21:09 by wolfsburgrazPermalink
    I have enjoyed the rounds that I have played, I like the suspense and risk-reward of trying to loot a bit more, or trying to engage another player to kill and take their stuff versus taking what you've found and extracting quickly to fight another day [round].

    The biggest change I don't like is the game showing you all the players in your instance as well as their loadouts while the match loads. The complete anonymity and not knowing anything about your opponent, or how many were in the world was exciting. It takes away a lot of the mystery regarding your encounters, and also helps paint me as a potentially easy target as I play the game like a battle royale -- go in completely empty handed, find something to fight with and come out on top, or lose nothing except an ounce of pride if everything goes south.

    I hope they improve the audio. While the gunfire sounds ace, the positional audio is quite bad and there's almost an echo to your own footsteps. If you are moving around it is very easy to think your own steps are those of another player's, while opponent steps are hard to hear, period. Even if you are standing completely still. A lot of people crap on PUBG, but this is one area where their game is excellent.
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