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Posted on 05 April 19 at 22:43, Edited on 05 April 19 at 22:47 by ThrawnOmega
Can we get a series that tracks games published by KEMCO? They specialize in Old-school JRPGs. TA already has a Publisher list set up for them (which you can click from any of the games) but no series. I'm a fan of RPGs in general, and JRPGs in particular, so it'd be nice to show off my progress on these on my home page.

There are currently 10 games that would be a part of this series, which feels like enough to "qualify" for series status - if based on quantity of titles:

Alvastia Chronicles
Asdivine Hearts
Asdivine Hearts II (these two have their own series)
Bonds of the Skies
Chronus Arc
Fernz Gate
Frane: Dragon's Odyssey
Revenant Dogma
Revenant Saga (these two also have their own series)
Sephirothic Stories

I'd cite the Telltale Games series and Artifex Mundi series as examples of where something like this has been done before.
Lambent Lail
Lambent Lail
Posted on 24 May 19 at 18:50
It has been decided to not create Series' based on the publisher only.
Resident Evil junkie
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