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A Mystery, Solved – Leonora Johnson.

Posted on 08 April 19 at 13:46
I found all the 50 letter scraps, used Franklin to kill Dreyfuss, it told me I got 100% Completion Gold on the mission. But on the pause menu when sometimes achievements pop up and you press Y to see achievement (Xbox One). It states I have 98% completion and haven’t unlocked it. But I found all letter scraps and killed Dreyfuss. Even on this website it states I haven’t completed it.
Posted on 11 April 19 at 02:04
Ahh that's bad luck.

On the Social Club website for GTA V, go to the Career tab>Checklist and scroll down to the Map Legend.

How many Letter Scraps /50 does it say you have?
Posting from sunny Australia.
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