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Weapon Crafting for Kenny Crow

  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,257
    Posted on 19 April 19 at 23:55
    TLDR: Use a double Penetrator X Dragon Whisker with max strength and three weapons that boost both strength and MP. It is convenient—but not necessary—to have 100% shot resistance. Immune and Curaga are not required nor are any other resistances.

    The majority of Kenny’s attacks are one shot kills. That means vitality is superfluous. Your characters can die just about as easily with 3,000 vitality as they can with 300 vitality. Kenny is virtually immune to magic. Your best option, therefore, is a max strength build ignoring all other attributes.

    The only exception is shot resistance. Your character is invulnerable to Kenny’s machine gun with 100% shot resistance. However, Kenny’s machine gun is one of his least powerful attacks and is easily avoided. Nevertheless, one gets a certain satisfaction by being able to bash Kenny mercilessly while his machine gun is out. So, I, personally, like the 100% shot resistance.

    The key weapon I recommend is a max strength Dragon Whisker with the Penetrator X ability added in the open slot. It will thus have a double Penetrator X ability. Each Penetrator X reduces Kenny’s robust defense by 50%. The two, together, reduces his defenses to zero. Any double Penetrator X Dragon Whisker with strength over 700 should be fine.

    A Dragon Whisker with strength between 600 and 700 is adequate but not ideal. If you do not have a double Penetrator X with strength over 600, I recommend acquiring such a weapon. This is my recommended build with a 30% Cid Crafting boost:

    Starting with a level one Corcesca:
    Apply 1 Behemoth Tears and keep the Penetrator X ability throughout the entire build
    Add 1 Dragon Horn, 1 Laser Sensor, and 2 Curved Hollowhorns
    The Corcesca evolves into the Harpoon.
    Add 2 Meteorites, 5 laser sensors, 3 laser sensors, and 8 Curved Hollowhorns
    Note: The laser sensors are applied in a group of 5 and a group of 3 to maximize the benefit of the positive decimals and minimize the detriment of the negative decimals.
    The Harpoon evolves into the Dragon Whisker
    Add 6 Curved Hollowhorns, 1 Behemoth Hexhorn, and 1 Strength Gemstone. The strength gemstone must be the last item applied otherwise the weapon will max out before you can incorporate it into the build.
    Result: Double Penetrator X Dragon Whisker – Srength: 729, Vitality 125, Magic -7, Spirit: 34

    Your remaining three weapons should be high strength weapons preferably with bonus MP. I like the Battle Mace that evolves into the Scharnhorst. It is an inexpensive purchase from Meldacio and provides 30 bonus MP. It is an easy build. Assuming the 30% Cid Crafting Boost, I like to start out with 5 Octolegs. These provide just over the 30 vitality and 30 spirit required for the first stage of the build.

    I then add Curved Hollowhorns until the weapon evolves into the Behemoth Masher and continue to add Curved Hollowhorns until it evolves into the Scharnhorst. At that point, I add 4 Meteorites to increase the max level to 120 and continue adding Curved Hollowhorns until the weapons’s level is just below 120. I add some low experience strength materials (like Garula tusk, sharp bone, etc.) to get the weapon’s level as close to 120 without hitting it. I conclude by adding a Strength gemstone. Final strength should be around 728.

    On one of the Scharnhorsts, I add 11 Sturdy Plates right after the meteorites. This provides me with 100% shot resistance. The rest of the build is the same. With fewer Curved Hollowhorns because of the Sturdy Plate, the final strength is around 684.

    If you follow these builds, your weapons will provide 2869 strength. With the base strength of your character that will vary depending on birthplace and level, your total strength should be over 2900. Or close to it if you have a very low level low MP birthplace character.

    With around 2900 strength, you will be inflicting damage at the 9,999 HP cap with the Fierce Sigil’s Rockbreaker. The finisher of the Fierce Sigil’s Pummel will also be at the 9,999 HP cap. To defeat Kenny, all you need to do is stay behind his field of vision evading his attacks. Between attacks, Kenny will rest for a few seconds. Use the Fierce sigil’s Rockbreaker and Pummel martial arts abilities to inflict great amounts of damage.

    If you are patient, you can stay out of danger while administering massive punishment. Using these tactics, a normal fight where Kenny does not heal, lasts about 7 minutes give or take. If Kenny uses his impressive healing abilities, the fight might take longer—in the 9 minute range give or take. In other words, be methodical. Do not expose yourself to risk, but take every opportunity to hit Kenny hard during his respites. If you prolong the fight, Kenny may heal himself completely undoing your hard work.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,257
    Posted on 20 April 19 at 00:11, Edited on 20 April 19 at 00:13 by Allgorhythm
    It seems counter-intuitive to ignore vitality against such a powerful enemy like Kenny. We, generally, like a lot of vitality going against Ardyn and Ravus. However, there's an important difference. Most of Ardyn and Ravus's attacks can be 'tanked.' The greater your vitality the better your chances of surviving. In Kenny's case, his worst attacks, if they hit, are fatal regardless of your vitality and HP.

    There is some good news. If Kenny puts you in a danger state, you can almost always get out of it on your own. So, you don't have to worry about friend warps. Kenny has some double attacks. However, the strikes are so close together that, if the first strike puts you in a danger state, the second strike will occur during the animation frames of the danger status where you are invincible. Whether its a single strike or a double strike, Kenny will take a few seconds break. You can limp to a safe position. By the time Kenny resumes his offensive, you will have recovered from the danger status.

    What this means is that, unlike the Ardyn/Ravus fight, you can survive any attack that is not instantly fatal. If you have 300 vitality, you are reducing damage inflicted by about 70%. Rather than increase vitality and reduce damage by, at most, an additional 29%; I recommend crafting your weapons to provide you with strength rather than vitality as described in the opening post. The additional strength substantially shortens the battle. It reduces your exposure to risk and protects you far more than the additional vitality would.

    With the Fierce sigil, I like strength in the 2900 range. That means my vitality will be in the 300-400 range depending on character level and birthplace.
  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,257
    Posted on 20 April 19 at 02:07, Edited on 20 April 19 at 15:58 by Allgorhythm
    How to defeat Kenny with a max strength/low vitality setup:

    Regardless of whether your defense is great or small, your primary defense must be evasion. Against some of Kenny's attacks, the only effective defense is not to get hit. Guilty115 has a great guide that lists Kenny's attacks and describes a viable methodology to defeat him. I'm not going to try to repeat what is very well articulated in the guide: .
    Instead, I will discuss two issues. The first is stay out of Kenny's field of vision. If; after he has moved by sliding, back flipping, point warping etc.; you find yourself in his field of vision, circumnavigate to the 181 degree to 359 degree sector using a circular arc. All of Kenny's attacks can be evaded. If Kenny makes or telegraphs a threatening move, roll/dodge. If you see a red line between Kenny and you, he is targeting you. Be cautious. If necessary, roll/dodge away from him and try to get out of his field of vision. Kenny can warp strike. He will only warp strike if you are within half an arena's radius from him and within his field of vision.

    The second issue is an efficient way to attack. The Fierce sigils's Rockbreaker is fast and devastating. Using the double Penetrator X, it is not subject to Kenny's resistance to polearms. Yet, the double Penetrator X abilities are still in effect reducing Kenny's defenses to zero. With around 2900 strength, you do not need strength buffs. You should deal damage at or close to the cap with Rockbreaker.

    The issue is that Rockbreaker consumes MP at a rapid rate. It is vital that you do not go into stasis. You lose your mobility which is key to avoid taking damage from Kenny. The answer is to combine Rockbreaker that uses MP with Pummel that does not require MP. Pummel, like Rockbreaker, is a martial arts attack that does not use a weapon. The Fierce sigil replaces the weapon's normal charge attack with a four-hit fist and feet flurry followed by a final blow - five hits in all. The final blow is a high damage finisher. With high strength, it should deal damage at the cap.

    An effective delivery is to execute one or more Rockbreakers. Using the Dragon Whisker, Rockbreaker finishes with a spear poke. If, before the poke finishes, you release both buttons of the Rockbreaker command and, immediately following this poke, you hold the attack button, your character will execute pummel. You can tell your technique is effective if you see the word 'Pummel' to the left of your health bar in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can execute pummel's in succession by releasing the attack button and pressing it right after the concluding animation of the pummel.

    The buttons are different depending on controller configuration. In the controller A configuration, Rockbreaker is performed by pressing cn_LT and cn_B simultaneously. Release cn_LT and cn_B before the concluding animation of the spear poke. After the spear poke, press and hold only cn_B. Once pummel begins, you can release cn_B. Pummel ends in a leg flourish. If, immediately following this flourish, you press and hold cn_B, your character will execute another pummel and the combo hit count will continue to increase.

    If you combine Rockbreaker and Pummel, you will be able to attack Kenny continuously without going into stasis. You need break off the attack only when you need to execute defensive maneuvers.
  • LV 1 Blue SlimeLV 1 Blue Slime1,185,246
    Posted on 20 April 19 at 21:40
    I wish every new boss they add didn't require a new set of weapons. So I need a strength/vitality build just for Ardyn and Ravus, and that becomes hella pointless against Kenny because he one-shots? So I either keep using the weapons for the duo and it'll take forfuckingever because my strength is lower or I build another 4 weapons? Cool stuff Square...
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  • AllgorhythmAllgorhythm512,257
    Posted on 20 April 19 at 23:35, Edited on 20 April 19 at 23:46 by Allgorhythm
    You can use the same set against Kenny that you used for Ardyn, but the fight will take much longer.
    If you have about 2300-2500 strength on your Ardyn loadout and it includes Dancing Daggers, Jitterbug will allow you to inflict damage at the cap with the Rampage sigil's Rockbreaker and Pummel finisher.

    The issue is I don't like Dancing Daggers against Kenny. In the Ardyn fight, you always had respites where you could invoke Jitterbug & benefited from the invincibility frames. In Kenny, it's better to stay on the move constantly maneuvering behind him. The second or so that it takes to invoke Jitterbug puts you at a disadvantage. This is a rhythm fight and I don't like anything to break my rhythm.

    That's why I like to go with a 2900 plus strength loadout without the Dancing Daggers. I deal damage at the cap without worrying about interrupting the flow of the battle for a buff. This is a much easier fight than Ardyn/Ravus. Once you see Kenny's rhythm, you can evade all his attacks. Kenny telegraphs, you move away, Kenny attacks, you close in behind him and Rockbreaker and/or Pummel him. He telegraphs another attack. Rinse and repeat:
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