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Achievement Roadmap

Posted on 20 April 19 at 02:17
I compiled an achievement roadmap in chronological order from the solutions others have provided on TA in addition to my own experience. These are in the order they appear in the game and they don’t include puzzle solutions. Some if not most credit goes to the original solution posters.

Adeline the Villlage Gossiper:
Click on the old lady hanging out of the window early on in the game.

Window Piano:
When you reach the hotel, click on the shutters from right to left to make a tune.

Kassiopeia the Tortoise:
The tortoise is hidden behind some bushes beside a road early on in the game, after you clear the hotel level.

Hugo the Vagabond:
Hugo can be found shortly after the tortoise, he is playing a game of cards. Click on him to unlock the achievement.

Frogs' Chorus:
When you reach the area with the crank handle used to extend the bridge, click on the 3 frogs in the foreground from left to right.

Georges the Lighthouse Keeper:
George can be found fishing by the lighthouse after a short boat journey, click on him to unlock the achievement.

Smooth Ride:
This achievement is probably the most difficult to get. General Tips - the train can slow down, you only fail if you here the brakes screech. The pattern is the same every-time, if you fail restart the chapter.

Sheep Whisperer:
In level 6 when you get off the train, walk to the right. Click on left-most sheep to herd them to the right. Move to where they were. If done correctly, the screen will pan right.

Repeat by clicking on the left-most sheep and then moving to where they were. The screen should pan right again.

Click on the left-most sheep again and then move to where they were. The screen will not pan this time. Move to just below where the hill with the rock wall meets the top of the right-most hill.

Click on the right-most sheep and the sheep will head back towards you and then jump to the hill with the rock wall. Proceed all the way to the right and the screen should pan followed shortly by your achievement.

Enjoy the Ride:
Towards the end of the game you will ride in the back of a truck, make the truck drive back and forth to unlock the achievement.

Tilda the Whizz Kid:
Tilda is in the first garage on level 14 (the last level before the credits). Open the garage and the achievement should pop shortly after.

Albert the Gardner:
This achievement requires you to click on the gardener at the end of the game.

The End:
Watch the credits until the end.
Aura Battler
Aura Battler
Posted on 16 June 19 at 05:33
Thanks for the roadmap!

Playing this game, interesting little fun game. smile
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