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Glitched Achievements

Posted on 21 April 19 at 20:57
I obtained Paine's special dress sphere but did not get the achievement for it. Likewise, I am not even done with Chapter 1 yet and the achievement for an Episode Complete in Chapter 5 unlocked just before the scene where you meet Dona in Chapter 1.
Posted on 23 April 19 at 05:51
I've had a few not pop for me aswell, I saved on a separate slot in case I had to redo it and just restarted my Xbox they did pop on the game select screen for me after a restart.
Craig I9B9
Craig I9B9
Posted on 23 April 19 at 07:12, Edited on 23 April 19 at 15:41 by Craig I9B9
I've had achievements not unlock but then used the in game reset by pressing all the shoulder buttons and start and select to take me to the game selection menu. When I started FFX again I had 6 achievements unlock at the same time. I haven't attempted the lightning achievement though so I'm unsure if it would be the case with that one.

I think its a consequence of the always on setting that doesn't close the game when you turn the xbox off. But that's just my guess

edit: Did the 200 lightning dodges and got the rewards... no achievement. Tried a reset and nothing then either. Will update if it pops
Amazing AZ
Amazing AZ
Posted on 23 April 19 at 20:37
The lightning dodge achievement glitched on me twice yesterday, I did post it but deleted the comment not too long after.
Achievement/Trophy Hunter
Posted on 06 May 19 at 05:05
Had this happen to me on the Chocobo license, Chocobo catcher, and underwater date. Fix it for me was closing the game completely and restarting it and just like that I got all three of those achievements.
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