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The poisoned water glitch

Posted on 22 April 19 at 12:48, Edited on 22 April 19 at 12:51 by BuffyNixx
* Warning - This post may contain spoilers *

Hey guys,

I'm wondering if anyone's come across the same glitch that I have.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Has anyone had the same glitch and have been able to get back into the building?

Or is there anyone that left and had no trouble getting back that could elaborate as to how they got back in?

Help, please! roll
Posted on 22 April 19 at 22:01
incase anyone needs to know how to get back to the boss, after searching online it appears that the portal is kind of there, but not. If you go to the area close to the enterance to WOW industries you should see a prompt to enter the boss battle without a visible portal.
Chad Wilburn
Chad Wilburn
Posted on 24 April 19 at 12:28
I just had to restart the day! Thanks
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