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Deponia Achievement List Revealed

Posted on 24 April 19 at 00:06
19 achievements for 1,000 Gamerscore

Please click here to read the story: Deponia Achievement List Revealed
Posted on 24 April 19 at 00:10
Kinda strange that the series came to the One out of order. I'll probably pick them all up on sale.
Posted on 24 April 19 at 00:29
I'm very surprised to see the Droggeljug achievement on the list. As it wasn't on the PS4's I assumed it wouldn't be here either. Looks like they copied the Steam achievements list so there it is. Oh the joy of doing that one again...
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Swinny Costello
Posted on 24 April 19 at 01:17
Only ever played the first one... and really enjoyed it. Happy to play through them in order finally.
Nox Mortiis
Nox Mortiis
Posted on 24 April 19 at 02:32
I know nothing about this game (series?), what's the word on it?
Jinrui ni eikou are!
Reborn Insanity
Posted on 24 April 19 at 04:47
The release order was definitely weird with it being backwards, but I'm glad it's all finally out so I can get the collection.
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Swinny Costello
Posted on 24 April 19 at 07:13
Nox Mortiis said:
I know nothing about this game (series?), what's the word on it?
If you've ever played a LucasArts adventure title - this is very similar.
Posted on 24 April 19 at 07:39
oh nice, now i can play them, they've already been in sales so if you're unsure they'll hit sales again.
Posted on 24 April 19 at 08:26
encore un jeu de poney
Posted on 24 April 19 at 10:24
You can now buy the complete series of four - around about £34, saving 50%.
x Mataeus x
x Mataeus x
Posted on 25 April 19 at 17:58
MissingC3C4 said:
You can now buy the complete series of four - around about £34, saving 50%.
For anyone wondering, I genuinely believe this is one of the best point n click series ever made. (Traditional point n click, like Broken Sword or Monkey Island. Not the hidden object adventures that people put the phrase to).

Whilst the story isn't as strong as aforementioned Broken Sword, and the humour isn't as funny as other games in the genre (apart from the amazing opening theme), it's the puzzles and the screens.

They're so beautifully drawn and well animated, and have that feeling of success when you know you've done enough to clear the current location of four or five screens you might be traveling between.

Best played without a guide of course, not just for the satisfaction but for all the extra little scenes and dialogue you'll get when screwing things up!

I know this kind of thing falls on deaf ears on this site, but if you have a modicum of interest in playing them I strongly suggest doing so in order and without a walkthrough.

They're just too good to plough through!
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