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Achievements not unlocking

Posted on 24 April 19 at 00:15
So I beat the game on the hardest difficulty and now I’m going back through to get the enlightened ending, and I’m noticing that achievements aren’t unlocking during my current play through on spartan difficulty. I’ve disarmed more that the required number of wire traps. I got all the ranger stashes in dead city and no achievement for that either. I’m thinking of just moving on if I can’t 100 percent it.
Posted on 25 April 19 at 00:11
Not sure what the problem could be, is progress updating in your achievement tracker?
Posted on 11 October 19 at 05:28, Edited on 11 October 19 at 07:28 by TheOnlyMatto
yah I've reloaded the game about 10 times and I'm not getting any credit on the achievement tracker. Hoping it fixes itself.

edit* If I load the achievement hub I can clearly see progress on each achievement so I am hoping they unlock

edit** They unlock just fine. Try this if you are having any problems.
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