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Show conflicting/overlapping session status of participants for a session

T lespiel R
T lespiel R
Posted on 24 April 19 at 23:54
I noticed, that a lot of participants for sessions have conflicting/overlapping sessions.

While some players do this on purpose to wait which session suits best (I already wrote them, they should decide which session they want to participate to - without reaction), I assume some players just lost the overview of their sessio conflicts.

My proposal is as follows:

The participants list of a session contains already a color coding:

- grey background if achievements are still missing
- green background if achievements are already won

I propose to add a new background color:
- red background for a player, in case he has a conflicting/overlapping session during the time of the session

This would allow not only for him to quickly see the time clash, but also for the host and other participants of the session to see if this player might leave due to "better opportunity" and to kindly remind him to decide, which session he wants to participate and the others he should leave.
Posted on 25 April 19 at 14:33
I gave you +1 good idea :)
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