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My Achievement World for all achievements

Posted on 16 June 19 at 23:55, Edited on 16 June 19 at 23:57 by lightsup55
SL1CK CHR1S said:
Is there away to get the chests near the villagers to refill? I don't really enjoy re importing the world every time the chests are emptied.
Short answer: You will need to keep re-importing the world to resupply any item used.

What you are thinking of is a feature of the Mini-games on the legacy console editions of Minecraft, which are no longer being updated*: Xbox 360 Edition and the Xbox One Edition

Technically, there is a way to do almost anything you want with command blocks in the Bedrock Edition. However, changing your game to Creative and/or enabling Activate Cheats will disable achievements.

* PlayStation 4 Edition is the only one legacy console edition that is still updated.
Posted on 17 June 19 at 21:08
Okay, I've come to terms with it lol. My only question now is why the ocean biome achievement won't unlock. For whatever reason, a handful of the command block teleports do not work. The bioime achievement will not be a hard one to redo.
Posted on 06 July 19 at 23:40
I can not get the sail the 7 seas achievement to work, I feel like one of the locations is not correct, any advice would be helpful :)
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Posted on 12 July 19 at 00:43, Edited on 18 July 19 at 02:16 by J0N
If anyone wants the world to be hosted for them add me on xbox

ill host a Realm server for you

its J0N
zero as a 0

make sure you don't have beta version if on xbox from the insider hub cause Realm's do not work there ill be doing this for a while so feel free to add me whenever and i dont mind renting a server

(i don't mind how late this post is just message me whenever u see this if u need help ill be happy to host a server to help out)
Posted on 14 July 19 at 20:20, Edited on 15 July 19 at 06:07 by BillyKidd007
Problem on 2 achievements. Map Room; I've taken the map down and put it back up and got nothing. Also Treasure Hunter, I went to the structure, went in, swam around inside it for 10 minutes and got nothing. Thanks for any help you can provide.
Posted on 16 July 19 at 19:37
Does anyone have a quick reference as to where I need to go to get these achievements and in what order? Thanks :)
Posted on 02 September 19 at 13:21, Edited on 02 September 19 at 14:53 by Armelide

Thanks for this world, it's awesome! But there seem to be a downside, as the "spawn" buttons (to get back to the initial start point) Don't seem to work. So, I can't go back when I go, for example, to a specific biome using the teleport points...

Am I missing Something? Thanks.

Edit: Okay, it seems that some buttons are stuck in "pushed" mode, and can't be used. The trick is to destroy them, and just put the button on the ground on the side of the block, then it works perfectly. Thanks!
Posted on 09 September 19 at 01:27
lightsup55 said:
As this is posted in the Xbox One platform variant...

To import the .mcworld file above, you'll need to purchase and install Minecraft on any one of the following platforms:
----- Windows 10 (available for purchase on the Microsoft Store)
----- Android device (available for purchase on the Google Play Store)
----- iOS device (iPhone and iPad) (available for purchase on the Apple App Store)
----- Windows 10 Mobile (a.k.a. "Windows Phone"; available for purchase on the Microsoft Store)

Make sure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi or wired network and that your Xbox Live Gamertag is signed-in.

After importing the world, click the pencil icon before loading, then click Multiplayer. Make sure to enable "Multiplayer game" and "Visible to LAN players" before loading the world.

Hope that clears up some confusion.
Thank you. Have been looking for this clarification...
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