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AC 3 Tips to make things easy

Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 26 April 19 at 12:53, Edited on 26 April 19 at 12:57 by Segendary Ty
Hey everyone

I decided I wanted to write an overall guide for AC3 remastered. The game is old and everything is googlable but this is just a good reminder if you want to complete this game.

I don't remember the exact sequences but I will describe them so you can have some context. My goal is to have a place where you can look up some quick tips and tricks to make this game easy and especially less frustrating to do for certain achievements.

For exact guide and walkthrough click the link. However it's like a huge library with lots of clicks. My guide has all the highlights in 1 place

If you want just the highlights:
Missing chest
Starting out as Haytham, there is a chest in the tavern where you meet your partners of the Order. It won't appear on the Boston map but it does count for all the collectibles. Don't worry about missing out, you have to visit every tavern anyway

Starting out as Connor
Just continue the story and collect everything on the go. Let the frontier be for now. You'll return here many times. When in the homestead, start hunting beavers. You can use this for the trading / convoy thing to get you some basic money. This will give you access to the somewhat expensive collectibles map you can use later.
Never sell anything else. You'll do extensive hunting but for the delivery quests you need a bunch of items.
Catch a courier - Just like it's predecessors! Make sure to do it as it is required for one of the Club challenges
Anything no kill - Just use your bare hands smile

Underground: I recommend going for the underground right away for some good fast travelling access. I even recommend this more than going for view points. However for the Boston Underground you need a gun for two of the points. Make sure to continue the sequence / chapter, you will get one shortly
You'll want these to help you out

Clearing out the maps
When ignoring the main quests and just 100%-ing the areas I recommend doing them in this order
1) Underground
2) Liberation missions (to get access to assassin's. You won't get this until further in the story where you help out Stephane Chapheau in Sequence 6.3)
3) Collectibles + Viewpoints + Assassination Missions (use your gained assassin's to give them XP)
4) Extra exploration + pickpocketing (you need to pickpocket & loot 1500 bucks for the Thieving club, getting access also requires pickpocketing)
5) Anything Homestead
6) Club challenges / missions in the area
7) Delivery quests. You'll need to do plenty of hunting and crafting first. Homestead progress is required for do all of them. Do note they get 33% per completed map area, not 11% per quest

Main story frustrating 100% sync
-Of course after every cutscene and checkpoint. PAUSE the game to see if any 'Optional requirements' have appeared.

There were only a few missions with frustrating challenges. Other ones can be challenging but I usually got them within a few tries, I consider this natural play so I won't highlight them here

The first one that was frustrating:
S2.5: Infiltrating Southgate. The line of fire! After human shielding yourself through the forced tutorial run to the left and go all around the thick wall where Silas is holding up. You'll reach the stairs and Silas will come running down once you're detected.
S4.3 Hunting Lessons Not super hard but I wanted to point out that bobcats / cougars that are a bit further up ahead don't count for the different animals. Also don't see the challenges as seperate methods. You can bait & air assasinate as well to help to complete the air assassinate challenge.
S6.4 The Tea Party. Not frustrating either, just know that cn_B x2 is used for countering and then throwing. Something I never use when regular fighting. I noticed that only sometimes the direction I threw them in worked, sometimes the game ignores that directional input. Other than that focus on throwing in all the tea. Don't go and actively hunt soldiers, just defend properly
S7.3 Conflict Looms The most annoying stealth based mission in the game. My method:
Once you reach the ships, there is the right one and the left one. The left one has the grenadier. The order won't matter.
The right one is actually very simple. Swim around to starboard side and notice the elite / jager type enemy patrolling the ship. There are two but you'll only need to kill the one covering most of the ship. Do a ledge kill when the other elite doesn't have eyes on him. Then walk towards the hold and blow it up and jump off starboard side
For the rest of the mission use this guide:
It has good visual aids and I wish I saw this before I completed the mission
S7.4 Battle of Bunker Hill - Another very frustrating mission made easier:
Move to the left of the battlefield. Notice the shots in the very distance. You'll see lots of crackling and every 5-10 sec or so you'll see the rest of the platoon firing. These will actually hurt you if you're not in cover. However on the left side you only need to go to cover three times before reaching the trees and going towards the next checkpoint.
The next checkpoint can be tricky. Make sure to go around and move through Stalking Bushes. There will be an enemy you can take down here and another one near some tents up ahead. Then hit the trees and go for the air assassination. It will slomo and you might be detected. However this mission is fairly quick if you fail so just finish it even if you feel like you failed (you probably weren't)
Another great guide there, skip the video I'd say
S8.3 Public Execution for some reason I couldn't get any running kills consistently. Even when I did I would fail the other objective. I'd go straight for tackling , not killing Hickey and then fight the three of them in slomo, killing Hickey last but keeping his attention.
S9.4 A Bitter End The ship part isn't hard, the kill streak is. Make sure to keep one captain alive and use smoke bombs to get this. It will take multiple attempts probably since they don't really actively engage you in combat. Frustrating restart if you kill the captain without getting this so be aware
S10.1 Alternate Methods - Very frustrating to tackle him from above. You have to be very quick. To help you save some time, notice his route. He actually takes a detour into a garden area which you don't have to follow. Instead intersect him and climb up the tilted cart ramp. Just around the corner activate the grab. (cn_RTcn_B). Might still take a few tries but you'll get it much easier with the Alternate Method (pun intended)
S11.2 Lee's Last Stand use the bow to not get detected. Better to kill a bit more enemies than too few as they'll detect you easily when climbing
S12.1 Laid to Rest The first part is actually quite easy if you have all assassin's helping you out. I also recommend having the saddlebag upgrade (which is crafted through the trading thing) and calling your horse for resupply of the bow.
For the route of the ship I recommend this guide:
For killing the captain I recommend using the bow from the rooftop. You can still get detected so make sure you are more in the middle of the roof. You can climb the rooftop and get into position right away as soon as they start walking. The Conversation circle is just a little lagged. Note that the captain counts as a regular kill!
S12.2 Chasing Lee Notice the lower docks to not shove anyone and cut corners to catch up to lee. Use the gun if a guard is in the way

Other annoying 100% sync
Naval missions are easy peasy. Except the last one.
Ram the ships in their bow. Use Chain Shots if you miss to halt them.
If you have decent speed and wind in your sail direction, consider going Half Sail IF you have the Ram upgrade

Peg Leg missions:
No need to go out of your way for chests during these missions. They'll just give you 1500 bucks each but count for nothing

Fort Wolcott - Ledge assassinations are top priority. Further on you need a kill streak of 3. Smoke bombs count for it!

Dead Chest Island - watch the water on the 3rd assassination. Run Assassinations require some running leap before they can be activated. The water level might prevent that.
When done, continue the chase and make sure to air assassinate ASAP after the mast topple.

The Ghost ship - not very hard for your basic Free run skills. Just take your time to center your camera on where you're going

Mad Doctors Castle - PAY ATTENTION to the CUTSCENES. You'll be timed twice when recreating them. Once to find the hidden passage, the other time to notice what time the Clock is set to reveal the 2nd hidden passage. (It's 17:50 or 5:50 but it popped for me on 18:50 or 6:50)

Oak Island - AC4 fans will have an advantage. The puzzle has 4 locations you need to align (one for each map?) Not the most frustrating part if you paid attention in kindergarten.
The wolves however.... Luckily there is an easy solution. Poison darts don't count as ranged. When checkpointed, run towards the dot to trigger the wolves but keep running ahead to climb the tree and perch yourself so you can throw the darts

Reaching NYC
Go for Peg Leg Trinkets and underground right away. Then doing all the Peg Leg missions will give you access to being bulletproof. This is a huge help for all kinds of combat challenges

Getting access:
The Hunting Society - hunt some animals - will probably unlock the related achievement right before visiting the Homestead for the first time
The Thieves Club - pickpocket until you unlock. I was at around 150 bucks when it appeared
Boston Brawlers - knock someone out by equipping your barehands
Frontiersman - reveal large amounts of all the maps. Keep doing viewpoint and uncover the rest by foot / horse

The challenges themselves:
There are some I offer different advise on. Other than that I recommend this guide

Achieve a 7 Enemy Kill Streak - use a high Combo stat weapon. I'm not sure if smoke bombs count. I do know they can trigger low profile kills which won't count.
Make sure to counter well. It's best to do this early on in Boston before you even get this challenge.
Disarm and kill 10 Jagers with their own weapons - This is combined with the achievement:
Assassin's Creed III RemasteredAC3 | Jager BombThe AC3 | Jager Bomb achievement in Assassin's Creed III Remastered worth 55 pointsAfter becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before losing your notoriety.
. For the challenge however you can just die / fail in between. Since there are legions enemies you can use your assassins to assist. Also a good combination with the next highlighted challenge:
Escape from open conflict by using escape or hiding 10 times - not hard but I usually ended up killing everyone rather than doing this. Note that the last guard following will always poke the pile of leaves / hay so take him out stealthily. This will also count for the next challenge:
Kill 25 enemies from hiding places - Use Corner spots in the city (so basically every wall you can lean against). No need for haystacks and alike and wait for enemies to be lured. In combination with the previous challenge this will work well though
Steal everything a rich citizen has without being detected Northern NYC (where there are more fields than houses). Note that for pickpocketing it will give you money on the 1st and 3rd time. This will help with the 1500 bucks looting / pickpocketing challenge. The 3rd time usually gives more money. For AC3 Liberation players: you need to pickpocket 5000 bucks but the 3rd time won't help. For that achievement check it's guide
Visit every tavern in the Frontier, New York and Boston - you are likely missing one where you go in the very last sequence. It won't count if you just go there for the story. Make sure to visit there in the Frontier near the South Western corner of the map, yes near the edge of the map and just North of the closest Fort

That's all I can think of. If you feel like I missed any frustration relievers then please comment and I'll edit them in
Posted on 27 April 19 at 09:50
Great tips! Thanks for taking the time to explain difficult parts.
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Posted on 01 May 19 at 14:43, Edited on 01 May 19 at 14:43 by Ruchie74
Does anyone have any advise on the privateer mission: The Giant and the Storm?

I cannot fully sync this. I've tried only ramming the ships in the front and it usually works for the first two ships. However, I will ram the last one and it will sink it.
Segendary Ty
Segendary Ty
Posted on 19 May 19 at 08:56, Edited on 24 May 19 at 07:18 by Segendary Ty
Ruchie74 said:
Does anyone have any advise on the privateer mission: The Giant and the Storm?

I cannot fully sync this. I've tried only ramming the ships in the front and it usually works for the first two ships. However, I will ram the last one and it will sink it.
Yes, Don't go full speed! Winddirection + amount of sail matters.
However this is only in effect when you have upgraded your ram.

This will take multiple attempts regardless and is in one of the 5 hardests missions in the game, optional objective wise
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