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Apex Legends Screwed after fortnite

Posted on 27 April 19 at 14:00
Since my Fortnite has been screwed because of 1FPS, now my ISP is playing a role in being a hurdle. Meghbela has blocked my Apex Legends ports and I am unable to connect to any matches. I have tried asking for the solution but they won't open my ports.
I tried looking over the internet and found these ports that have to open to run Apex Legends on PC.

Apex Legends PC Ports
TCP: 1024-1124, 3216, 9960-9969, 18000, 18060, 18120, 27900, 28910, 29900
UDP: 1024-1124, 18000, 29900, 37000-40000


Do I have to get any network management tool or anything like that to overtake my ISP and unblock these ports?

Any Solutions?

Thanks in advanced.
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Posted on 27 April 19 at 21:08
Did your ISP actually block the ports or does your router block them? I'd try manually opening all the ports in your router's configuration. It usually involves going to a certain ip address in your browser (should be able to find your router's via google) and then logging in and changing the settings. Never heard of ISPs doing something like that, but I wouldn't put it past them.
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