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"One of Three" Achievement

  • TwincatsTwincats523,966
    Posted on 30 April 19 at 17:37
    Okay, I must've played this game about 30 times now and I can't seem to lose no matter what I try. Haha, is this the opposite of a game? It sure seems like it.

    Followed all the solutions. Didn't work.

    Tried taking my time on each level. No go.

    Rushed the first two levels, took over 5 minutes again on the last level. Nope.

    I've even tried playing normally without idling. Hey! I still made it out first. Fuck...

    Please, someone. What did you do to unlock this horrible achievement?

    I quit smoking a long time ago but it seems like this game just makes me want to have a smoke. LUL
    Tempus edax rerum
  • Posted on 02 May 19 at 01:09
    Personally, I lost the first time I went through. Took my time, never ran, just walked. I was looking in every room in the stages for what popped achievements as I was trying to knock them all out in the first run through and then speed run the next 20. And just looking at what was in each room to see if their was anything interesting (there wasn't).

    I just spent my time walking around and learning the layout of how quickly run through each stage. And as I wasn't using a guide yet, I basically repeatedly failed at taking the correct path and kept going in circles.

    In Stage 1 - Looked around the first room for a bit looking for a way out, because the A button wasn't registering at the vent any time I got close to it. In the library kept moving all the bookcases going into each corner trying to figure out how to reach the exit. The endless hallway, went down the hallway multiple times (about 5 I think) and kept looping (before I looked at a guide to figure out what to do). And in both the library and the hallway went through the "smoke clouds" slowly multiple times while trying to figure things out (don't know if that effects anything).

    In Stage 2 - Tried to figure out the light puzzle so it took me a few minutes there. In the mortuary went into the wrong door which sends you to the weird room (normally has the lungs or mouth or something in it).

    In Stage 3 - Always went the wrong way to look at what nasty thing was at each dead end.

    What I noticed is that when you go to the next level, look at the scoreboard above the exit. It will show you what position you are in when you've unlocked that door. You want it to say 4, meaning you're in last place. I believe mine said 3 or 4 for Stage 1 and Stage 2.

    Not sure if this helps, but its just what I was doing my first run. After that it was just a boring grind to 20 escapes.
  • TwincatsTwincats523,966
    Posted on 02 May 19 at 04:40
    Yeah, I finally got it by just taking more time and pretending I was playing for the first time--thoroughly exploring and backtracking to ensure I was 4th in the first two levels.

    It just took forever because stuff like this would happen:

    Don't jump into organic corners in the sewers:
    Twincats playing One Leaves

    Stay out of Drawer 3 in the Morgue:
    Twincats playing One Leaves

    The game also froze on me on three different occasions.

    Thanks for the tips though.

    Glad to be done with this mess.

    Tempus edax rerum
  • Posted on 09 April 20 at 20:04
    I’m in the same boat right now. It looks to me like it is impossible to lose this game. Have walked around in the maze For 30+ minutes, nothing. Strolled around the levels backtracking and finishing 4th each time, nothing. I don’t know how a game could possibly be created in which it is impossible to lose. Gonna try deleting my save file and redownloading the game to see if that works.
  • Posted on 09 April 20 at 20:57
    Update: that fixed the issue. If anyone struggles even with the solutions already posted delete your save file and the game and redownload it.
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