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Minecraft Villagers are Working, Sleeping, and Breeding Inside Player Homes

  • Posted on 01 May 19 at 12:27Permalink
    The mechanics may change, but the mantra stays the same - if the building can be classified as a "house" under their AI, villagers will take to it. Used to be their mechanics were a lot simpler, and even a handful of random blocks in a particular arrangement and a door would count as a "house" for the purposes of breeding / villages.

    They've come a long way since then. I know there's a lot of changes to them this update but I haven't kept up with changes to Minecraft for awhile.
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  • Posted on 01 May 19 at 12:49Permalink
    I like it, it gives you more to build if you have to keep villagers in mind.
  • Posted on 01 May 19 at 12:49Permalink
    breeding wherever they please. There have even been reports of villager heads popping off
    Sounds like the rating is about to change. laugh
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  • Ludio NomenLudio Nomen118,808
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 12:55Permalink
    I think this is really fun, I love the idea of building a world that is actually used rather than simply ornamental clap
  • SeitzzSeitzz682,473
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 14:18, Edited on 01 May 19 at 14:18 by SeitzzPermalink
    I remember taking advantage of game mechanics to create simple "villages" and thus iron golem farms. I wonder what they are/are not like today. I remember some people used to take that above and beyond and make crazy farms that would generate absurd amounts of iron in very short periods of afk'ing.
  • Vok 250Vok 250193,412
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 15:02Permalink
    Looks like I'll be adding that moat of lava after all!
  • Acurate BobAcurate Bob516,350
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 16:56Permalink
    What Neko Ranma said might bring me back into Minecraft a bit. A village built looks ace, but one being used, even as little as this to bring it to life. Awesome...
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  • MrBojeezyMrBojeezy178,854
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 19:47Permalink
    Is he about to go to town on the villager in his bed with that purple "weapon"?
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  • Ry FryyRy Fryy365,262
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 22:20Permalink
    No place is safe from squatters. laugh
  • Julz D 01Julz D 01415,336
    Posted on 01 May 19 at 22:20Permalink
    MrBojeezy said:
    Is he about to go to town on the villager in his bed with that purple {#}weapon{#}?

    I tought this was supposed to be family friendly

    Is that the special weapon from saints row?
  • Goldfire64Goldfire64242,051
    Posted on 02 May 19 at 03:10Permalink
    -Breeding inside players homes.

    Gross and degenerate.
  • rafter84rafter84553,112
    Posted on 24 May 19 at 17:12Permalink
    I've been healing zombie villagers and I have about 5 now, however I have been unable to breed them. I've following the online guides regarding - lots of doors, lots of crops, have an iron golem and trade with them a few times. I also have the professional building blocks like the anvil, loom and grind stone out. But they still haven't multiplied yet. Any tips?

    I have read a about placing food into their inventory but I cannot find this menu when talking/trading with them.

    Any advice?
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  • rafter84rafter84553,112
    Posted on 25 May 19 at 17:46Permalink
    Just figured it out if anyone needs help with this. There is no inventory menu at access. You have to throw bread, potatoes, carrots and beetroot at their feet. You will know if it works as they pick it up.
    Press START to ready up! Raf.
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