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Information Posted on 02 May 19 at 21:25
uilster has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Star Trek Online Achievements:

uilster said:
Star Trek OnlineSpectresThe Spectres achievement in Star Trek Online worth 27 pointsComplete the Spectres story arc

Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Star Trek OnlineThe Delta QuadrantThe The Delta Quadrant achievement in Star Trek Online worth 54 pointsComplete The Delta Quadrant story arc

Partly Discontinued/Unobtainable

Posted on 02 May 19 at 21:37
Hey, thanks for the submission.

Before we apply the flags we need a bit more information explaining why they are PDU.

Thanks Again
Posted on 16 July 19 at 13:14
Thank you for the submission uilster. As we still have no response and no further reports that there is an issue with these two achievements, we will not be flagging them PDU right now. We will keep an eye on them and in case we have more info, we will reconsider. Please also let us know in case you have more info and we will take a second look.
Information Posted on 17 July 19 at 10:35
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