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Exploration is bugged (2 regions)

Posted on 03 May 19 at 15:57
I am trying to get 100% on Anthem, but two achievements are bugging out for me.

Eastern Reach and Valley of Tarsis i am missing one region/landmark. I read that creating a new pilot from the main menu could solve this, but it didn’t.

Actually created two new pilots, but nothing. I see on-screen that i discovered it, but it does not update under regions, and the achievement does not pop.

Does anyone have the same problem, and if yes do you know another way to fix this?

I am also going to stop with the “no stone unturned” achievement for the time being, as the exploration is needed for that one as well :(
Posted on 03 May 19 at 18:46
This can be closed, i did not check correctly,
Atleast i have two additional pilots now to farm the,
No stone unturned achievement.
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