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Where to find side quests?

  • Posted on 07 May 19 at 03:06Permalink
    Would love to get my last 4 but cant find any
  • Posted on 21 May 19 at 22:13Permalink
    I just ran tarot missions over and over. I the ones where you had to kill enemies, hunt?? Their spawn was really streaky, sometimes I would get 3 or 4 in a row and other times I was go 10-20 without seeing one.

    Another option is to start a new character and by half way through the story you should have 4 side quests.
    Campaign co-op is being added to Martyr
  • BigNev44BigNev441,415,422
    Posted on 22 May 19 at 00:18Permalink
    Agreed, I got 2 side quests in 1 Tarot mission but it's a pain in the butt that I have the achievement but the skills screen says 22/25, guess I found some with my other character.

    Love this game, can't wait for the 2.0 patch and Chaosbane.
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