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Anyone have any tips for the bosses on Alpha Mission?

Ace Attorney 86
Ace Attorney 86
Posted on 08 May 19 at 15:31
Great collection that I have really enjoyed. Even the games I never played before and had no nostalgia for I enjoyed being a tourist and experiencing.

The last achievement I have left is to clear Alpha Mission. Does anyone have any tips? Even save scumming and rewinding the bosses wreck me as they fill the screen with homing bullets. There's not much information or a good playthrough out there on the arcade version. The Ks are power downs in the NES version, but the game could have given us better instructions. I save my special weapon things for the bosses, but that will only get them to enough damage where they really start to spray crap around the screen.

Thanks and hope everyone is enjoying this collection.
Posted on 16 May 19 at 04:03
I don't know if this will help you, but I found this information.
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