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Minion Masters Servers Are Live

Myckel Jay
Myckel Jay
Posted on 08 May 19 at 17:43, Edited on 08 May 19 at 17:52 by Myckel Jay
Yesterday a 3GB update appeared for Minion Masters. Last week Betadwarf announced that the Xbox servers will be merging with Steam and Discord servers in "roughly a week." That time has come. If you participated in the closed beta, or the 2-day open beta, all stats and collected cards have been reset. This includes achievement progress.

As a emender, if you participated in either beta, the Xbox achievement tracker will still show progress, but will not progress until you've met those requirements again. Example: If you had 60 wins, the achievement tracker will show that you're 60% of the way to "Ranked Obliterator." In order to reach 61% you have to win 61 more online matches.
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