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Campfire Cook Off Help needed in level 2-3

VirusTk GaMBit
Posted on 12 May 19 at 09:28

I am trying to get 3 stars in the mentioned level above. I'm playing the game and all it's DLC's with a buddy of mine. So far we managed to get everything done, but we can't even get close to getting 3 stars on that particular level. We usually end up getting around 700 points

Does anybody know a certain strategy that helps? Is there a particular set up that would make it easier (playing with 1,3 or 4 players for example). Or is there anybody, who could join us sometime and help us out?

Since I'm starting to lose my hair over that stage any kind of help would be very appreciated
Posted on 19 May 19 at 12:36
We managed 1164 today, you need to make sure you are alternating washing dishes or doing toppings while the other player is restocking the wood/marshmallows from the backpack of the person washing/toppings. It took us quite a few tries before we got a good run. If you need more help I can always try, we only did it 2 player.
VirusTk GaMBit
Posted on 19 May 19 at 16:46
Hey, thanks for the reply!

We got it ourselves today. Pretty much with the method, you explained. For everyone else who is struggling with this stage, there is an excellent guide on youTube.

Hope this helps you guys. It surely helped us!
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