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Xbox 360 Sale Roundup: May 14th, 2019

  • burnthelambburnthelamb453,282
    Posted on 14 May 19 at 21:39
    Finally some good 360 deals. I already own most of these but if I didn't those prices are too good to refuse. Just Cause, Mirror's Edge and Deus Ex: Human Revolution all together for under $5 total is insane.
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  • Achilles8249Achilles8249917,202
    Posted on 15 May 19 at 03:47
    superniceguy said:
    When I bought Just Cause for £8.99 I thought if it went on sale it would be £4.49 or something, never expected it tobe under £1!

    Such a sore subject and continues to rub it in.

    When I got it, I sold my disc on ebay with Just Cause 3 (which included Just Cause2), the other month then buyer reports it missing and raises a case, ebay tells me I have 8 days but closes case after only 5 days refunding buyer, a day before buyer was going to contact me to let me know if it was received or not and I was going to refund. Now buyer never contacted me and I do not know whether he received it or not, so can not claim it lost and get my money back.

    Another sale, and a buyer claims item damaged which was a clear fraud, as he asked me to add extra bubble wrap after he received dispatch email, he never mentioned about bubble wrap before but asked plenty other questions, and then when I said it was dispatched and sent out in ordinary jiffy bag like every other retailer does, he never stopped moaning about bubble wrap, then as soon as it arrived to him the next working day, he immediately claimed it damaged being disc was loose. I reported him to ebay with the evidence and they just treat him as normal and agreed to return item. I followed his feedback, he constantly left negative feedback to other sellers, saying they were rude and threatening, and did the same thing constantly complaining about item to get refunded. He is banned now though, and yesterday I got an email from the CEOs assistant saying that he looked at my complaints and ebay did nothing wrong, as I packed item poorly, which is a load of rubbish. It was only packed poorly if it was going to be safe from a steam roller or something. If it was packed poorly then every seller out there is in trouble.

    Ebay is con these days and full of frauds including ebay themselves. They just look after buyer now, and let sellers get ripped off. It does not matter if your seller rating is 0 or millions, buyers can buy in safe knowledge that if their item is not 200% perfect they can easily without question get their money back. I have been using ebay for 18 years, and I never realised it was this easy to get refunded until now. Ebay do not even liaise with you to try and fix the issue before refunding, if buyer is not happy, ebay do not care if you have done everything right, and will instantly refund buyer even if false claim, and can take money from paypal even if you have zero balance.

    Sorry for rant Just Cause stirred up annoyances, and thought i would give heads up to those using ebay.

    I use Facebook marketplace or Amazon to sell now, or just trade in games at GAME, CEX, musicmagpie or wherever.
    A couple of months ago I bought some Japanese360 games and when I got them they had a few scratches and such. Then eBay says that you can't even review the seller until 7 days after you've had the product, wow wtf? Not to mention that none of the options I was given for a review let me choose damaged merchandise. Really disappointed to say the least because I've bought like 2 dozen or more Japanese games from amazon and they've all been in pristine condition, no scratches, the case and books look new. That was my first and last experience with eBay.
  • RamuluxRamulux109,983
    Posted on 15 May 19 at 12:24
    This spring sale messed with me I bought all Kane and Lynch 2 dlc and then I saw dead spa r 2 dlc cheap but I want D's 3 dlc so I go online at the store parcer notice battle stations Pacific is not even 7$ and yes going like minimum 20$ used on eBay, but then I see army of two for sale on eBay cheaper than this sale. So now jus because dead space 3 didny have a sale I ended up buying : the evil within, army of two devil's cartel, doa 5 ultimate, dirt 3 complete edition battle stations Pacific and shadows of the damned!!
  • PinckneyPinckney142,212
    Posted on 15 May 19 at 13:32
    Look how many GWG titles are on sale here! I already own 16 of these titles for free.
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