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Portia Sewage Plant

Posted on 14 May 19 at 17:59
Sewage plant level 3

i am having problems with this level as the monsters keep disappearing into the walls and ceilings. You can see them but can’t get to them so the gate to the next area won’t open Did not have this problem with level 1 and 2, have restarted this level at least 15 times. Anybody having the same problem? And if you have what have you tried to make it work properly?
Chad Wilburn
Chad Wilburn
Posted on 16 May 19 at 12:47
Yes on this level and level 4. I had to replay about 30 times to finally get to the end. I just moved really slow and only attacked one enemy at a time. If you fight two or more near a wall and don't kill it. It will disappear in the wall and appear in the ceiling. Good luck!
Posted on 18 May 19 at 06:19
I had the same problem. I had finally completed it by actively quiting the game and restarting it (i.e. on the xbox home screen), for each of the levels separately. This somehow minimized the teleportation of enemies through walls and ceilings in my game. Not sure if this works for everyone, but it's worth a try if you're still stuck. Hopefully a patch is coming soon to fix this bug (and others).
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