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Clarity required on progress carrying over playforms

Posted on 15 May 19 at 19:13
So my buddies play these games and have finally convinced me to start them having never played them.
What i would like to understand is if I complete it on Xbox one, will ALL the cheevs load and pop if I load up the 360 version?


If I play the 360 version, vice versa.

Appreciate the help.

Posted on 18 May 19 at 01:43
Not anymore unfortunately. With the release of Rise of Iron, they unlinked the two versions, so now you have to complete them separately.
Aura Battler
Aura Battler
Posted on 23 May 19 at 09:24
Since of the Rise of Iron DLC only available in X1, that makes both versions are incompatible to each other, means achievements and characters equipment both cannot share with both versions.
Posted on 17 July 19 at 00:18
If you fully complete the 360 version, when you start up the Xbone version for the FIRST time, it will offer you the option to transfer your characters FORWARD from the 360 server ONCE. It will make a copy of them onto the Xbone servers and all progress you make on the Xbone will be independent moving forward.

As far as Achievements go, when I did this transfer, every Achievement from the 360 version unlocked within 2 minutes. It took time to get all the 'Achievement Unlocked' pop up messages. Flawless Raider is SIGNIFICANTLY easier on the 360 because you can solo it.
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