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Patch 1.4

Posted on 17 May 19 at 15:19
MatchMaking – Updated rules to match the latest game design
Feature – New Contract Broker UI
Feature – Story Line
Feature – Team AI management
Feature – Custom lazer and flashlight colors
Currency – Continental Coins (used to buy mods, unlock AI skills)
Character – Joy
Melee Weapon – Hackaton
Primary Weapon – Akimbo Signature SMG
Secondary Weapon – Signature SMG
Perk Deck – Hacker
Mask – Joy unlocked
Mask – Joy Begins unlocked
Weapon – Added Akimbo versions of weapons
Added heist difficulty filter option;
Pausing and unpausing will no longer break your jump momentum when playing in Offline mode;
Fixed an issue with clients being unable to interact with ECM Jammers properly;
The ECM feedback is no longer exclusively useable for the player that deployed the ECM Jammer;
Tradable hostages can now be killed;
Fixed an issue where assets bought after switching profile in the Job Overview would not spawn;
Fixed so the material Rosewood Pink use the correct texture;
Fixed a typo on the description for the Prospect in the Biker Perk Deck;
Updated the Assault fade to avoid them being excessively long;
Spawn animations will no longer pre-spawn a collision for the AI;
Fixed an issue with some barrels always displaying the low texture quality;
Fixed an issue with the open money bags always displaying the money bundles in low texture quality
Re-added the ZEAL Cloaker to the spawn pool;
Implemented the ZEAL Taser to the spawn pool;
Improved the pathing logic for hostages;
Killing an enemy will now properly reduce the cooldown of the Sicario Smoke Bomb;
Fix a crash connected to throwables and destructibles;
Fixed an issue with the Hitman Perk Deck giving the wrong amount of ammunition;
Fixed the crews negotiator string so the right negotiator is displayed;
Fixed an issue where ECM jammers would disappear if they were placed on a moving object;
Fixed some issues with Sangres shirt randomization;
Fixed an achievement issue where “Celsius or Fahrenheit?” wouldn’t trigger when using Sniper Rifles;
Fixed an issue where life gain could be triggered on converted cops;
Fixed an issue with flashbangs not being destructible;
Changed hair state on the Augmentation mask;
Fixed a clipping issue involving the Dallas mask and Jacket's hair;
Fixed the pattern compatibility for the Wrath mask;
Fixed straps clipping through the mask Old Blood and Guts;
Fixed so all heisters use the same version of the Balaclava;
Fixed a clipping issue with one of the eyes on the Greed mask;
Fixed an issue where the backplate would be visible when previewing John Wick's glasses;
Fixed a clipping issue with The Gas Mask on Jacket;
Re-positioned the Tiara on Sydney for a better fit;
Fixed a clipping issue with the Commando on Sydney;
Fixed a typo in the description for the 44th mask;
Removed the shoulder pads and helmet attachments from the normal units;
Darkened the helmets on the light units on Overkill and above;
Remodelled the ZEAL normal unit;
Updated the textures on the light Overkill unit;
Updated the textures on the light Mayhem/Death Wish unit;
Added the helmet attachments to the heavy units on Overkill and above;
Updated the textures on the heavy Mayhem/Death Wish unit;
Remodelled the ZEAL heavy unit;
Updated the textures on the ZEAL heavy unit;
Updated the textures on the regular Taser unit;
Updated the textures on the regular Cloaker;
Updated the textures on the Medic;
Remodelled the Medic Bulldozer;
Remodelled the Minigun Bulldozer;
Updated the textures on all ZEAL Bulldozers;
Implemented the correct visor on all the ZEAL Bulldozers;
Fixed an issue where the Medic Bulldozer has a grey face when getting shot by Team-AI;
Fixed an issue with the glass on the visor for the Medic Bulldozer and Minigun Bulldozer;
Fixed an issue where Stoic tier 5 Calm wouldn't regenerate the delayed damage after the player got traded from Custody;
Disabled critical hits for the Arbiter Grenade Launcher and Underbarrel Grenade Launcher on the Little Friend 7.62 Assault Rifle;
Fixed an issue where the effect of the Aced Confidence would get lost if the player re-equips the Joker skill;
Fixed an issue with converted cops getting stuck on several levels;
Fixed an issue where Suppressed Sentry Guns could be used as Secondary Deployable when Engineering skill was removed;
Fixed an issue where dead enemies would activate Underdog for clients;
Fixed a crash related to leaving a game when in custody with Stockholm Syndrome Aced;
Fixed so the Raven Shotgun has the correct mods and allow the correct combinations of mods;
Added the PBS Suppressor and the Grips to the mods for the Akimbo Tatonka Submachine Guns;
Added the Tactical Suppressor to the Akimbo CMP Submachine Guns;
Fixed a crash related to modifying the Cavity 9mm;
Fixed a crash when trying to use a weapon that was crafted with missing color customization data on the gadget;
Fixed an issue where the Specialist Knives would get unequipped upon restarting the game;
Fixed an issue where the akimbo autofire sound could get stuck when switching to auto fire mode;
Split Akimbo into category(Akimbo Pistol, Akimbo SMG & Akimbo Shotgun).;
Fixed Akimbo Judge benefiting from magazine related skills;
Akimbo Bronco and Akimbo Matever no longer benefit from magazine related skills;
Fixed a clipping issue with the Ergo Grip on the Chimano Custom Pistol;
Fixed an issue with the intimidate animation for Akimbo Micro Uzi Submachine Guns;
Fixed the glass material on the Tactical Flashlight melee weapon;
Stability penalty increased for Akimbo Weapons to 36 (up from 24);
Reduced the rays cast from GRIMM 12G for the other players;
Decreased the fire rate of Brothers GRIMM 12G;
Name changed to Flamethrower Mk.1;
Damage decreased to 7 (down from 14);
Total Ammo increased to 1800 (up from 600);
Magazine increased to 900 (up from 300);
Damage penalty increased to 4 (up from 3);
Total Ammo bonus increased to 450 (up from 150);
Damage bonus increased to 7 (up from 3);
Total Ammo penalty increased to 450 (up from 150);
Removed some vegetation that was clipping through a wall;
Tweaked positioning on multiple vehicles that was clipping with other objects;
Moved a particle effect for flames that appeared to be floating;
Moved one animation so cops no longer repel into the truck below the bridge;
Removed garbage piles that was see-through from one side;
Fixed a LOD issue on tents;
Fixed a briefcase that was spawning without money;
Fixed a chair that was clipping with a table;
Fixed some briefcases clipping with other props;
Removed some planks that were clipping with the fuel tank;
Relocated a floating pile of debris;
Moved a plant that was clipping through a wall;
Removed a stack of boxes that spawned in the same location as another stack of boxes;
Moved a poster that caused a z-fighting with the wallpaint;
Fixed so that the achievement “Fuck it, we’re walking” can’t be obtained in Stealth;
Fixed a location on Stealth Day 1 where the player could get stuck next to a container;
Fixed an issue where dominating a cop in the beginning could block progression on Loud Day 2;
Fixed an issue on where players could get stuck behind some railings;
Fixed a gap in the wall by the entrance to the bank tellers area;
Fixed some seams on the walls;
Made the pool ladder climbable;
Added two missing windows by the exit to the terrace;
Fixed a LOD issue on a window;
Disabled the spawn of Captain Winters when the players are too close to the boat, to avoid a crash;
Fixed a typo on the word “Thick” within a objective description
Fixed the collision on the roof walkway railing;
Fixed an issue where hostages would remain in unreachable areas;
Fixed an issue when using a ECM jammer before entering the manager’s office preventing progression through the level;
Tweaked the blur zone by the meth lab;
Fixed some barrels clipping with each other;
Fixed a clipping issue related to bordering up some windows;
Tweaked the lighting;
Fixed some VO giving misleading information related to the point of no return;
Fixed fire hurt area being enabled at the wrong time;
Disabled interaction on fence props near helicopter escape;
Fixed an issue where the player could be teleported outside of the truck at the escape, making the player unable to complete the heist;
Fixed floating preplanning assets;
Fixed an issue where the assets didn't spawn if the heist was restarted;
Covered some holes in the walls around the reception area;
Fixed several pieces of graffiti partially disappearing into the wall;
Fixed several pieces of graffiti that was too far away form the wall;
Fixed clipping scaffolding props;
Fixed a pillar that was clipping into a wall;
Adjusted location of missing light props so they match the lighting;
Fixed a VO line asking the player to follow Bile when they should just wait for him;
Fixed an issue with a cop car that previously drove through Matt’s escape van;
Added a missing VO reminder for the first fuel can;
Realigned the interior inside one of the shops;
Reworked the Sniper spawn logic;
Fixed an issue with a ladder clipping with the balcony railing;
Fixed some light leaking through a wall;
Fixed flickering issue with a fence;
Added a missing collision in a doorway;
Moved a car that was clipping with a building;
Raised the bag limit as it was set too low;
Fixed a z-fighting issue on one of the buildings;
Removed excessive hinges on a door;
Fixed an issue where Snipers could shoot through a building;
Disabled dumpster interaction when dumpster spawn is not used;
Removed one out of place building in the backdrop;
Moved out of place heat source;
Fixed some flickering leaves on the main street;
Fixed multiple cases of flickering graffiti;
Fixed a hole in the level;
Fixed Sniper spawn logic so they no longer spawn too often;
Removed a line of text that was out of place;
Shadow Raid:
Fixed an issue where two locations always spawned loot and they were not added to the randomisation;
Fixed two locations where the player could see out of the level;
Repositioned the thermite asset so it no longer clips with the ground;
Fixed a doorway by the waterfront where civilians were unable to be escorted through it;
Reworked guard path for the guard that sometimes was stuck in a doorway by the waterfront;
Removed out of place collision related to a ladder that is not always spawning;
Fixed an issue on where converted cops wouldn’t follow the player;
Fixed an issue on where money pallets used wrong particle effects;
Team AI will now wait in their designated areas during Casing mode;
Fixed an issue where a table blocked the AI from going up the stairs;
Fixed a broken collision on the terrace wall;
Fixed an occluder issue with some carpets;
The guard by the waterfront will no longer play a door breaching animation when he shouldn't;
Dozers will no longer get stuck behind the garage doors;
Dozers and Shields are now able to get down from all the containers;
Team-AI no longer masks up right away;
Moved Grenade asset so it does not clip with other objects;
Repositioned fence that was both floating and clipping;
Repositioned multiple lamps that were clipping with the walls;
Fixed flickering issues in two locations with the color tags next to the laptops;
Fixed an issue with a despawning light at the spawn location;
Removed some NPCs from the top floor crowd that were stuck in T-pose;
Fixed clipping issues with some boxes in the basement;
Added missing alarm sound to the point of no return;
Fixed a location where the player could get stuck behind the fridge doors;
Fixed the spawns and the sound for the tape recorders;
Fixed interactions on the override switches, so players can’t interact through the floor;
Fixed the outline on the hard drive for drop in clients;
Changed interaction text for the override switches;
Fixed collision on dumpsters so bags can be picked back up if placed within;
Fixed an issue where bags could get stuck in an unreachable place;
Removed misaligned graffiti;
The loot drop will now use the correct waypoint icon
Yummy Baklava
Yummy Baklava
Posted on 18 May 19 at 22:31
Filtering "achievement", it looks like they have made tweaks to two achievements:

Fixed an achievement issue where “Celsius or Fahrenheit?” wouldn’t trigger when using Sniper Rifles;
Payday 2: Crimewave EditionCelsius or Fahrenheit?The Celsius or Fahrenheit? achievement in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition worth 194 pointsToggling the 45° Red-Dot Sight between kills, get 10 kills in a row without missing on OVK or above

Fixed so that the achievement “Fuck it, we’re walking” can’t be obtained in Stealth;
Payday 2: Crimewave EditionForget It, We're WalkingThe Forget It, We're Walking achievement in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition worth 167 pointsAlesso Heist - Finish the heist without using the zip-line or bag chutes on OVERKILL or above.
Posted on 18 May 19 at 22:39
Yeah, I already reported to ta and they removed flag
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