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I can't beat Sword Saint Ishina

Rascalov USA
Posted on 19 May 19 at 19:22, Edited on 19 May 19 at 19:23 by Rascalov USA
I was able to beat all previous bosses without too much trouble - none of them took more than 10 attempts. I'm 0-for-40+ on Sword Saint. I thought Demon of Hatred and Owl (Father) were cakewalks compared to Sword Saint Ishina. His second phase is driving me insane. The strategies that got me past previous bosses aren't working for me. I can't seem to consistently find an opening where it's safe to attack him. The strategy I've been using is to sprint around and try to bait his jump attack. This only allows me one hit, which does a tiny amount of health damage. Trying to fill his posture is too difficult as his spear hits - which have enormous range and speed - do massive posture damage, and I'm spending so much time evading and deflecting that by the time I get another hit in, his posture has fully depleted again. I end up running around for 20+ minutes hoping he does that one move while trying desperately to avoid and deflect his other attacks. I eventually get hit when my posture inevitably gets broken. Then I run out of gourds and die. Healing is also difficult as he attacks relentlessly. Since I can't beat his second phase and his third is supposedly even harder, should I just give up? Beating Demon Of Hatred and Owl (Father) honestly felt like pyrrhic victories at this point.
ll BENNO ll
ll BENNO ll
Posted on 20 May 19 at 05:31
Easiest way to beat him is to get to his second phase and then do what you mentioned, run around and bait his jump attack and then when he jumps at you dodge to his LEFT and use mortal draw. Rinse and repeat. You’ll beat him in no time! Good luck wolf
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