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Best way to get the COOP achievement; Setting up a session, playing with randoms

Neptune Diamond
Posted on 21 May 19 at 04:06
I am wondering what the most efficient way to get the achievement is. Setting up a session and going through it with the same person, playing through the campaign with randoms or doing it yourself using two Xbox consoles.
Neptune Diamond
Posted on 21 May 19 at 12:36, Edited on 22 May 19 at 01:49 by Napathanes
1. Game is dead, finding randoms to complete all the case files will be difficult.

2. Double boxing will be very difficult/tedious since you cannot progress to other sections of the game without your dummy account ( you will need to move both controllers).

3. IMO, your best bet would be to set up a session and go through the campaign with the same person.
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