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Information Posted on 21 May 19 at 21:24
New Paralyzer has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Team Sonic Racing Achievements:

You can view the flags they submitted here: Flag submission by New Paralyzer for Team Sonic Racing

New Paralyzer said:
Tested Customizing a vehicle with 2 players signed in.

Only player 1 can customize a vehicle. However the achievement popped for each player signed in.

The entire game is pretty much co-op aside from time trial and payer 2 was having no issues getting achievements.
Posted on 22 May 19 at 07:47
Thank you for the submission New Paralyzer. We have applied the flags as you suggested. We have to add the Buggy+ flag to customizing vehicle achievement, as player two can get the achievement without doing the action required.
Information Posted on 24 May 19 at 13:38
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