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Information Posted on 22 May 19 at 03:16
Mental Knight 5 has just submitted some Achievement Flag Info for Altered Beast Achievements:

Mental Knight 5 said:
Altered BeastWolf HunterThe Wolf Hunter achievement in Altered Beast worth 16 pointsKill 30 two-headed wolves.

Not Cumulative Plus but Cumulative Minus - this must be accomplished in one playthrough

Posted on 22 May 19 at 07:41
Thank you for the submission Mental Knight 5. We have decided not to apply C- flag to the achievement, as it does not quite fit the definition. You cannot lose progress, except at the end of the game when it get reset to 0. Instead we have opted to add Missable flag to the achievement, to indicate that you can miss it unless you kill 30 wolves in one playthrough.
Information Posted on 24 May 19 at 13:38
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