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Locked Achievements

Posted on 24 May 19 at 13:37
I am playing this game for the 2nd time to try to get all the achievements. I am playing with a new profile. I've played through once with the new profile and got the self portrait.

I am missing one memory and 18 notes to complete those two achievements--am I correct in thinking that these are in the Inheritance DLC?

I still have 7 unlocked achievements--when do these unlock? I started playing the Inheritance DLC and got to the part with the sword and the serpent. No matter how long i "hold" the sword nothing happens. Is this b/c the achievement hasn't unlocked for me yet?

It's a little bit hard trying to follow the guides b/c everyone seems to call the various items, notes, pictures, etc. by different names.
Posted on 01 June 19 at 04:17
Just follow the walkthough here. It is very thorough. I am nearly finished with the base game with only one achievement(Omniscient) still to get. I was able to get the 2 possible endings. If I get the 3rd ending I will finally get the final achievement in the base game Omniscient.
Posted on 24 August 19 at 15:14
The dlc is completely separate from the main story.
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